Depending on the situation, Anima Trading can provide all items forthe whole project. Sometimes we supply the complete set of materials and in some situations we supply only some of the needed items. In this way we have done projects in a wide number of countries. Visit our site regularly for new projects.


With our long term experience in the greenhouse industry we can assist you in the choice of glass greenhouses, second hand glass greenhouses and film greenhouses.

Greenhouse Tunnels

Greenhouse tunnels can be used for all kind of crop, they are easy to erect and the curved walls make the construction simple. For the front end of the greenhouse, we can supply sliding doors or 90° doors opening to above. The tunnels can be supplied with transparent or opaque films. We can also include roll up side ventilation.


For a number of countries Anima Trading assists local companies in the purchase of heating components, like heating pumps, mixing valves, butterfly valves, de-aeration parts and all other components as needed for a heating installation. Beside components we can also assist you in calculations and supply of boilers, burners, condensers and CO2 installations.


For cooling we are not only able to supply the needed materials, but we also have the correct solution for integrating them in one of the greenhouse models we can supply.


Also for screens Anima Trading is able to assist you in all kind of installations and materials for shading, energy saving and black-out.

Irrigation / Misting

For irrigation or misting we can assist in the calculation of an installation but we can also help you to purchase a number of components to complete your own installation.


If there is a need for control of climate and irrigation we can help you in the calculation of computer systems for a complete project or assist in the supply of small controllers. We are agent of Priva for computer systems, Priva is one of the mayor suppliers of control systems in the greenhouse industry.