Beside projects, installations and advice Anima Trading & Consultancy is also the perfect partner to supply all kind of products, in this we can think of control systems, irrigation equipment, trolleys, buckets etc can be supplied, on this page you can find a few of the products in the range we can supply.

Irrigation / Fertigation units

For the irrigation and fertigation we can supply a wide range of mixing tank units and injection units, for compact units we can select the standard units as supplied by Priva but we can also assist in custom made units.

Water storage & fertilizer tanks

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For various countries we supply tanks to store water in various sizes and also the tanks for high concentration fertilizers.

Harvesting trolleys / Internal transport

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For various projects we have supplied trolleys for harvesting or to do crop maintenance, for this we can supply aluminium or steel trolleys and a range of electrical trolleys.

Plant, soil and flower processing

In the process of planting, harvesting or getting the plants and flowers ready for selling to supermarkets or other customers it can be of help to do this in combination with all kind of equipment.

Spraying equipment

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We supply a range of products for spraying, this can be fixed pump sets, trolleys with tanks, hose reels, hoses, sprayers, nozzles etc.

Switch panels & parts for electrical installations

Also on electrical panels and parts we can be of assistance.

Grower consumables

For a number of growers we are collecting materials and organize transport for this. In this range of products you can think of plant containers, trays, Danish trolleys, shading agents, peat, grafting pegs, air circulation fans, rooting powder, hand held sensors for EC, pH, Temperature etc.