About us

Anima Trading & Consultancy is a company able to supply projects, installations and products for the horticultural sector, in this we are always looking for the best product suitable for the actual situation, by doing this we can be an ideal partner.

Customers of Anima Trading B.V. can be found in a lot of different countries, some examples for this are South Africa, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Azerbaijan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Canada, Mexico and many other countries.

Beside the supply of materials we also arrange all the items needed for logistics.

In the team of Anima Trading there is a lot of knowledge on technical installations and also on growing aspects, this makes that we are very well able to give the best advice for each situation.

We are located at Vlotlaan 661 in Monster, on this location we have our office and store facilities.

From this building we have good view on some of the greenhouses in our area.