"Anima Trading, your partner for horticultural installations and supplies."

we not only supply the needed items, but also take care of all logistic items for you.


Beside projects, installations and advice Anima Trading & Consultancy is also the perfect partner to supply all kind of products, in this we can think of control systems, irrigation equipment, trolleys, buckets etc can be supplied, on this page you can find a few of the products in the range we can supply.


One of the most important things beside products with a good quality & price is logistics, our products are distributed to a lot of different countries, for part of our shipments we make use of distribution by sea.                                             




About us

Anima Trading & Consultancy is a company able to supply projects, installations and products for the horticultural sector, in this we are always looking for the best product suitable for the actual situation, by doing this we can be an ideal partner.